AISP Student Stories: Dorian Prill

AISP Student Dorian Prill

As a student of the MA programme Applied Image and Signal Processing, a highly specialized Joint Master Programme carried out by the Salzburg University of Applied Science and the Paris-Lodron University of Salzburg, it has been possible for student Prill to be part of a research project focusing on Intelligent Maintenance Planning. With the main focus being set on creating the potential framework of a system enabling a more efficient way of production machinery maintenance, the group of researchers including Prill came up with the algorithmic basis for developing a structure that allows machines to interactively communicate with the maintenance staff, illustrating the extent and type of error present or which section/part actually needs maintenance. The combination of an augmented reality tool and optimized algorithms enabled the team to provide an innovative concept as a response to the previously mentioned research question. A very essential point regarding the set-up and further improvement of the developed maintenance tool was the definition of possible occurring cases which would require maintenance at all in order to clarify the need for, and the distribution of, resources, such as workforce, materials and, essentially, time.

Following the project work, the findings and the subsequently published paper were presented at a conference held in Toronto, Canada. Dorian Prill had the opportunity to travel there and represent the team in front of an international audience. Furthermore, the findings of the research group will be shown in the course of another international conference in Amsterdam.

This is just one case which perfectly displays the opportunities AISE students and graduates can take advantage of during and after their studies, especially in the field of internationally acknowledged research. The Salzburg University of Applied Science, as well as the Paris-Lodron University of Salzburg offer the perfect guidance and facilities for young and motivated students to conduct research at a highly specialized level, contributing potential engineering solutions benevolent to both, businesses and society.

Asked why he chose to leave his former study place in Germany in order to participate in the AISE programme, apart from the research possibilities the programme apparently offers, Dorian states that the very specialized field and elective courses the programme is constructed around can be considered as almost unique in the Middle-European university system. Furthermore, the possibility to be completely trained in English and being part of two very different university systems appears to be a very important factor for students in making their decision to apply for the AISE programme. As these factors are described to be of significance to most of the AISE students, the internationality of the courses functions as another motivator for choosing Salzburg as a preferred study location, along with the chance to study together with fellow students from around the world.